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Most of my close friends and family know that I quit my job last year to pursue blogging as a full-time career. I’ve had a tremendous outpouring of support since I began my journey and I can’t say “thank you” enough. However, there are a few things bloggers want their friends and family to know and I’d like to share my side!

1.) It’s Our Passion

My blog and The Secret Tribe are without a doubt the 2 biggest accomplishments in my life.

I look forward to writing, checking traffic and coming up with content.

I think about it 24/7. Whether awake or sleeping, I am obsessively thinking about what I am trying to build.

I watch my blog and social media like a newborn chick….. it’s a part of me.

Since it’s such a massive part of my life, I do appreciate constructive criticism because it can help me improve.

If you think something isn’t working well or that I need to make some tweaks, please tell me…. but be kind with your delivery.

“I can’t read your font worth a shit” is like being told you have an ugly baby.

Also, what I write about may not be your cup of tea, but it is mine. It is my cup of tea, my glass of whiskey, my thing.

I found it worth the time to spend countless hours writing, editing and promoting it. So, it matters to me.

I had a long-time friend say ‘I’ve been reading your blog and it sounds like you’ve gone off the deep end. What’s all this hippie junk about? Do you worship the moon now or something?”

I can respect that my content may not be relevant to you. I really can.

I have friends and family that have gone on random business ventures and I just couldn’t understand it or relate to it. But I don’t tell them I think they’re going to fail or that they’re doing it wrong….

The proper response is nothing.

Don’t read it. Don’t comment. Don’t talk behind my back and say “Did you see the content Morgan is writing about? She’ll never make it.”

If you’re a true friend or loving family members, you will respect my passion for what I write about and what I’m doing. You don’t have to cheer me on, but I would really appreciate that you don’t send the negative vibes my way about failure. That’s not an option.

On that same note, I can’t send out enough love to my friends who have shared my content, spread the word and say the kindest words I’ve ever heard. I love you dearly and trust me, it is very much appreciated.

2.) Blogging Is Not Just ‘Writing’

I think the biggest misconception about blogging is that it’s easy.

99% of people think that blogging means you just write something, add some pictures and press ‘post’.

If it was that easy, I would have started blogging 5 years ago and I would post twice a day.

Learning to blog is the equivalent of learning a new language and starting a new job.

Not only do you have to learn about hosting, plug-ins, caching, e-mail subscription lists, spam monitoring, and site indexing. We also have to learn how to promote our blogs to get traffic to get our content seen. We have to learn about copyright laws, image & media rights, terms of service, cookies….

Have you noticed I haven’t even mentioned the actual writing yet?

That’s because blogging is mostly learning. It’s building, ‘tweaking’, updating…. keeping the actual ‘blog’ alive.

Then we get to write.

So, if you think that we just spend an hour or two typing up a few words and then spend the rest of the afternoon drinking pina coladas, that’s definitely not the case.

Please be respectful to your blogger friends and don’t act like they are lazy for being a blogger.

It’s a lot of work.

3.) We Are Home, But We’re Not ‘Home’

Since I quit my job in dispatch, my phone blows up all day long.

It’s usually just friends and family wanting to chew the fat. Talk about the crazy weather or ask when we’re planning on planting the garden.

While I absolutely fucking love you and want to have those conversations, please just be understanding if I can’t chat until ‘after hours’.

I explain it to people like this: say you’re counting money.

“$2, $3.25, $4, $50, %70.75…..”

…..and some one walks in the room and screams NINETY-SEVEN!

Bam! You forgot where you were.

Now, you recount and you’re on and roll….

….. and someone walks in the room and screams ‘TWO HUNDRED!”

Guess what? You’re never gonna get that money counted.

Blogging is the same way. When I sit down to write, I sit down with a purpose.

Usually it’s a little muddied, maybe highly-caffeinated…. but when I sit down to write, I have to give it the same concentration I would have if I was counting money.

So while I’d love to hear from you and the awesome deal you got at Walmart, I’d really love to hear that even more once I’m done writing.

While I don’t work a ‘traditional 9-5 job’, it still takes focus and concentration like any other job would.

I did try to set ‘business hours’ for a while.

From 9-5, I left my phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ and did all of my work from my iPad.

But guess what? That’s not possible with how it words!

As a blogger, I’m checking social media sites, checking in with collabs and creating graphics. Sometimes I just need my phone.

So, please don’t get hurt feelings if you see me posting and being active on social media, but I’m not responding to texts or calls.

Every time I have to ignore a call or text, I can only imagine what they’re thinking:

“She’s right by her phone!” “She’s sitting AT her computer! Why doesn’t she respond to me?!?!”

Look at me as just another friend that works a 9-5 job and can’t be available all day.

Same thing with ‘day dates’.

I have lots of friends who have week days off work or free days. They all want to meet up during the day. Go out shopping or to Six Flags for the day.

Again, while I’m not clocking in for a mandatory shift, I just can’t go. Please understand that.

I’m trying my absolute best to stay accountable to the work schedule I’ve written for myself. It is so incredibly hard to work for yourself and remain self-accountable. I could have never imagined that it would be so difficult to make yourself stick to a schedule without someone enforcing it for you.

However, most of y’all know that I’m also a people pleaser. I will sometimes say ‘yes’ if I feel I have said ‘no’ too many times. Then I get a day behind and panic.

Please know: this isn’t meant to be shade anyone… it’s just food for thought. I know that many of my friends and family members get frustrated with me. A lot of my blogger friends struggle with this as well and I just thought it would be worth sharing because it’s hard to say.

4.) We Do Not Want To Explain Blogging To You

This is something I usually get from people who approach me with the ‘blogging-isn’t-a-real-job’ mindset.

Explain how blogging works.”

I have devoted 10 months of my life to figuring out blogging. Do you really think I can explain it to you in a phone call?

I’ll give it a shot and use baby words. Give a general, vague overview of how it works… then they wanna know more….

“So how do you make money from blogging? Who pays you? How does Amazon know if you convinced someone to buy a product?”

::Cue to me laying on the ground with a box of wine.::

Unless you’re thinking about creating a blog of your own…. don’t ask your blogger friend to ‘explain blogging’.

If you’re not tech savvy or you don’t have a boat load of patience, blogging is not for you.

While I understand it’s a new concept, so you might be inquisitive and just want to ask. It’s still an odd thing to ask of someone.

“Explain how your job works.”

You wouldn’t ask your orthodontist friend to ‘explain teeth’ to you… right? (If you would, you’re weird and we can’t be friends).

5.) We Need Our ‘Blogging Besties’

I mean absolutely zero disrespect to my ‘real-life’ friends when I say this.

It’s not like my real-life friends aren’t good enough or supportive enough or whatever it might sound like.

I need my ‘Blogging Besties’ because they’re a part of my career’s community.

They’re my soundboard, my IT team, my PR team. They’re my cheerleaders, my content research team and my comedic relief.

They’re also the people who tell me to keep going because blogging is hard and they believe in me.

While my real-life friends can offer the same support and love, there’s something different about hearing this from other people in the same boat as you.

It’s similar to Facebook mommy groups and medical groups. You need to talk to other people who can relate and offer constructive advice.

As a blogger, I feel silly or uninteresting going to my non-blogger friends with my issues like writers block or slowing traffic.

That’s like one of my mommy friends coming to me about issues with breastfeeding. While my heart goes out to her and I can be as supportive as possible, I’m not a mom. I can’t offer any advice or possible solutions.

This may seem like an odd thing to throw in the list of ‘things bloggers want their friends and family to know’. But it’s sorta something I had to get off my chest.

Sometimes I feel downright rotten giving my blogging besties a ‘pass’ on the 9-5 communication rule. But sometimes I need their help finding the right word, phrase or keyword…. and sometimes I just need to vent and use some four letter words to complain about WordPress acting a fool.

Shoutout to my blogging community, The Secret Tribe, I love y’all. You guys put up with my craziness, silliness, ADD and absolutely ridiculous questions. I think y’all just hung the moon and that you are some incredibly talented and loving people. You’ve helped me more than words can describe! (If you’re a struggling blogger, join us! It’s free!)

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  • Vee

    OMG! From one blogger to another this post is EVERYTHING Morgan! I sympathize with you. I get it! Although I work two jobs I relate to needing that quite time to let the creative juices flow.

    I also agree with the Blogging besties. My besties definitely don’t get my Blogging woes like my Blogging fam does. It’s just like you said, sometimes we don’t want to explain terminology in order to get an answer they really know nothing but.

    I absolutely think this post will help a lot of people understand us more. I love how real & transparent you were. It was soooo refreshing! Thank you for another amazing post.

    Love always your girl


    • BarbedWireandLace

      You’re such a Queen! Always love your support and how much how much you push me to do better!

      I think it’s just scary to lay it all out and speak this much truth. I feel like I spilled so much tea, but I think it just needed to be shared!

      Love ya, girl!! Keep killing it on your blog! <3

  • Lori Roach

    “Explain how blogging works!” OMG I’ve heard it so many times! Morgan, I loved reading this post because all of it is so, so true! You really nailed it. Thanks!

    • BarbedWireandLace

      Doesn’t it just drive you crazy?

      I’ve had some friends ask ‘What is a blog?’ or ‘What’s the purpose behind blogging?’…. I don’t mind answering those because it’s just them wanting to know MORE. Curiosity about something they don’t use!

      But, when people start asking about the ‘deeper’ concepts of it, I feel like it wears me out SO fast!

  • Gina Lucia

    Ah I loved this! Lucky for me that my family live all over the UK so there’s no last minute disturbances, it all has to be planned and they don’t call me because they know I won’t pick up. Emergencies only please haha

    I actually wish people would ask me how it’s going. People generally ignore what I do because they don’t quite understand it (I think anyway). I’m not going to explain the ins and outs of what I do but I’d just love to know that they care about me and what I’m doing.

    • BarbedWireandLace

      That’s lovely! Everyone I know expects me to pick up cause they know I’m working from my phone AND I have an Apple Watch, so it rings directly on my wrist… womp womp womp ….. :–(

      YES!! Exactly!! I have noticed the same. Whenever everyone is in a group, they all ask how work is going for each other and how they’re doing etc. I always sorta get left out because no one ‘gets it’. I would like if they asked something like ‘Are you enjoying your job?’ or something like that? Maybe thats a tall order though. It’s sorta validating that they think it’s a ‘real job’…? I dunno. I’m a complex mess. Ask me, but don’t! hahaha

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