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I’m guessing that since you ended up on my site, you’re probably a bit like me. Have you been caught drooling over office and crafting supplies? How ’bout that monogramed iPhone charger that you totally need? Between crafting supplies for my business and all of the ‘Back to School’ sales right now…bless my poor wallet….

Certain things are just so easy to justify splurging. A new binder? YES!!! Some super fun, metallic gel pens? YES!! How about the most super-duper crafting machine that can basically do anything?!? YES!!! but…. that price tag. I guess I’ll just put it on my Amazon wish-list? ::sad face::  lots of pouting::

Before the serious pout kicks in, let’s see if I can convince you to trust your gut on this purchase and join the Silhouette Family (it’s a real thing). The only reason I really find myself to be an ‘expert’ on this topic is because I have been convinced and then I have also been the convince-ER.

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were both using their silhouette to make some downright badass custom Christmas presents. As I mentioned my habit of drooling on crafting supplies… I HAD to have one. I was a pretty easy sale on the whole idea of the Silhouette- I think they just showed me a few shirts they made, a coffee mug and like a Yeti tumbler decal.



I was living paycheck to paycheck at the time. I didn’t exactly have the big ole chunk of change lying around. But…like a spoiled craft brat, I had to have it! So… I got a little creative. I made a list of why it was a good ‘investment’ and pitched it to my mom. Maybe because the crafting runs thick in her blood as well, she was just as easy of a sale on the whole idea of the Silhouette.

Now, I go into this with one warning: technologically illiterate people (truly illiterate, not just slow to learn), vanilla people and lazy people should just stop reading.

The Silhouette has a learning curve for designing and cutting so you need some basic understanding of technology. I’m not saying you have to be crazy advanced…but if you struggle to open Safari or Word on your computer- the Silhouette may not be for you. There are other more simple systems out there that may be more up your alley. Or just convince a crafty neighbor or friend to get one and make you cool stuff. Smart, right?

For you vanilla people who like hum-drum, store-bought stuff- the Silhouette is not for you either. Within a week, every single damn thing in your house will have a vinyl decal on it. Granted, some of us may become a bit more obsessive than others- I’d still expect to go overboard for a while after you buy one. I found myself making a new sign or wall hanging every few days….

And last but not least, you lazy people might wanna get something else for crafting. Maybe learn to crochet or knit? Then when you quit your scarf half-way through, you can just hide it in the back of the closet. This is a pretty decent-sized machine. Sorta hide to hard from yourself so you don’t feel guilty about not using it.

So, for my die-hard crafters that are still hanging on to my words…. “get to it already- why do I need this thing?’

Oh, darlin, hang on tight…

  • You’ll be the talk of the town. But really…. you would be shocked at how many simple beginners projects you can do within a day or two of buying the Silhouette that will make your friends envious. I had friends thinking I was a flat out genius, master crafter from a few simple projects I used to learn on.
Simple Glam Coffee Mug- made it in 5 minutes- less than $2 in materials AND this puppy is dishwasher safe!
  • You’ll be ‘the gift go-to gal’. You can even make a simple gift card or cash look like the most thoughtful gift ever with a Silhouette. However, I’m guessing that if you’re here on my site, you’re a bit more creative and will probably take the gift-giving to an extreme. Who doesn’t love to get a custom gift? ….and who doesn’t love to be the badass who GIVES said custom gift….hmmm?
  • You’ll re-vamp your wardrobe. This is a given. When I was a beginner, I didn’t like to work with heat transfer vinyl cause it scared me. That was dumb because heat transfer is like my favorite now! Now all of my old plain t-shirts and tanks have sayings on them or cute designs that I get asked about all of the time. I can’t even go to Food Lion without someone going ‘That is so cute! Where’d you get it?’. Then feeling like a rockstar when I say ‘oh…this old thing? I made it’.
  • Your mailman will thank you. Wait….what? Yes, you read that right! One of my first and easiest projects was a cute mailbox decal. Not only does my mailbox look super cute now, I’m not getting other peoples’ mail (as often) because now our number and street name are very clearly marked.
My mother-in-law made us all Christmas PJs to wear the night we opened our presents! See why I was sold so quick?
  • Christmas will never be the same again! Ornaments, home decor, custom Christmas PJ’s, Santa’s Cookie Plate and milk glass, party invites…..the list goes on and on. Oh, and again…gifts. If you get on Pinterest and search for Silhouette Christmas, your eyeballs might just pop out! Seriously…don’t do it…just kidding, you totally should! Also, head on over to and check out this ah-may-zing bundle of Christmas designs. (Can’t you just picture the shirts and signs you could make for gifts?) This and Birthdays should be the only selling point I have to list. Talk about a money saver!
  • Your home MIGHT end up more organized. Like I said earlier about the whole ‘going overboard with vinyl’ thing, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll label everything. My pantry, closet, garage, office….even my fricken linen closet is labeled. And I’m just saying…. don’t you dare put the guest towels where the beach towels go (I think I just channeled my inner Monica Geller there…)
  • Your kitchen will have that ‘super fancy’ appeal without the price tag. $30 for that fawned after custom wine glass set? Nope! Thats $1 at the dollar store and a bit of vinyl (but you can lie and say they’re Pottery Barn if you want). I’ve done wine glasses, custom plates, beer steins, flour containers, spice jars. I even made a cute decal to go on the inside of my cupboard where I store my measuring cups. I mean… I’m not really expected to remember how many cup are in a gallon, right?
  • Car decals! Still one of my favorite things to do with my Silhouette. Rather than being ‘that lady’ with the 30 stickers at one time, I just change them up often. Just about anything you can dream up, you can make. I think right now, Hunter has a labrador head, American flag and Thor’s hammer on his car (basically screaming I’m a redneck who wishes he was a Viking).
  • Label kids’ stuff- the cool way. When I was in school, my mom wrote my name on my backpack in sharpie. And my lunchbox, pencil box, my box of crayons…basically everything had my mom’s scribble saying ‘don’t steal my kid’s shit’. Be the hip parent and make their name or a recognizable logo to put on their stuff- without breaking the bank. We all know that the price of custom school supplies is too damn high!
One of my best selling signs! You wouldn’t believe how easy this is to make!!!
  • You could do what I did. Turn a hobby and a passion into a way to make some money. If all of those reasons weren’t enough to persuade you that you could save a few dollars and have some fun if you buy a Silhouette, then maybe this is. Even as a HOBBY Silhouette crafter, I made more money than the machine itself cost within a few months by making things for friends and neighbors. They’d much rather pay you $25 for that cute custom onesie than to get online, order it, wait for it to ship…. Psh, they’ll go to their neighborhood dealer… of crafts. If you’re any good at Silhouetting (that’s what I’m here for), you’ll make your money back in no time…and who know? Maybe even a profit!

Well, folks, thanks for playing along. If I didn’t convince you…. then just order custom stuff from me instead ::wink wink::. If I did convince you, PLEASE send me pics of your first project! I love helping newbies and I have so much fun helping people figure out how to make the most of my most-favorite crafting gadget!

Also, I just want to say- I was not paid for my opinion nor has Silhouette or Amazon paid me to write a review. This was my honest opinion about the Silhouette Cameo 3. However, I would appreciate it if you click the above link to purchase. Because it is an affiliate link, I make a small commission if you buy a Silhouette Cameo 3 (at no cost to you). This is how I am able to operate my site and bring you fun, informative tips & tricks. Thank you!

Love ya’ll!


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