Monday…Friday…New Years… July 4th…. Christmas…. 2018

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My dad used to always say that life flies by after you graduate high school. He said ‘Well, I turned 18- then it was Monday…then it was Friday… then it was New Years… July 4th… Christmas… now I have a freaking 30 year old daughter and I’m an old man.’

I feel ya, padre. I really do.

This week, life threw a cup of water in my face and said ‘wake up, bitch- life is going by too fast‘.

I was pulling like 4,000 hour work weeks during the month of October, then I was swapped to a different shift in November and now the holidays are creeping up on me… I really let the end of 2017 fly by me without noticing.

It really hit me last week when Hunter was in Bama visiting his family for Thanksgiving.

He said he thought his sister may have the baby earlier than expected.

I got all excited to welcome Little Andrew into the world and see their little family complete.

Then it hit me- it has been 10….TEN years since I held a baby. My Godson is 10 years old. That doesn’t seem possible.

Where had the time gone? He was JUST born…right after I graduated high school…. ohwait

The more I started thinking about it, the more I realized how many monumental moments I let slip through the time warp.

Since high school, I moved out of my parents house, went to college, became a Godmother, adopted a cat, dropped out of college, moved back home, built a house, adopted a dog, bought my truck, started my own company, met the love of my life, adopted another cat, sold the house, moved, paid off my truck, lived in a camper, moved, adopted Cooper and Mojo, lived in a broken down trailer, moved to a whole different county, built a house with the love of my life, rescued two squirrels… and I’m sure I’m forgetting SO much.

In all of that, I have made so many new friends, lost touch with many of those as well. I’ve had all kinds of jobs, had so many style changes and so many massive and tiny events just whip past me.

All of those moments were just yesterday, but also forever ago.

They are all so fresh in my mind, yet blurred like an old picture.

They were all so traumatic, dramatic, serious and life changing…. but now so menial.

I refuse to let another day slip by without admiring it in its entirety.

I want to be able to look back to the uneventful days and remember what the sunset looked like. I want to remember the sounds, smiles, fears, joy, hopes, triumphs and loses.

As my life changes and moves forward, I want to have more than just milestones to look back at.

So, as much as it sucks to admit, my folks were right.

Don’t blink.

Every minute you’re on the top side of the dirt is worthy of being a memory.

How do you remind yourself to slow down?


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