My Story

So, I’m an INFJ and the words that scare me most are ‘Tell me a bit about yourself“. So I’m going to try my best to share a bit about me, but don’t judge if it’s a mess.I’d like to think that the rest of my writing is much more concise and easy to read.

Wow… where to begin….

Well, I’m an only child who grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta. I’ve always had an obsession with animals, any body of water, my family, crafting …and did I mention… animals?

I’ve had tons of different jobs ranging from waitress to Kennel Manager to 911 Dispatcher…. to construction…? Not sure how those all happened to someone in the same lifetime, but I really enjoy random.

Me and my boyfriend, Hunter, moved out to the country a few years ago and we fell in love with all of it. However, we did not love our 40 mile drive to the metro for work. We said our goodbyes and settled into jobs a bit closer to home.

I became a 911 dispatcher and he started building bridges. Like I said, we really like random.

I adored the people I worked with, but I was working 12-hour graveyard shifts and we were severely understaffed.

About a year in, I was beginning to look like a vampire…. and act like one. I wasn’t attacking people (yet), but I was always tired, grumpy and as white as Casper.

How done was I? Really done. I just quit.

Well, what now? My whole life I had people tell me I was creative, smart, a good writer, funny, thoughtful, a people-person….blah blah blah….

None of that was something that could land me a traditional 9-5 job. But…. I sure did love to write.

So, I decided to take the risk of a lifetime and try being unemployed…uh… I mean an entrepreneur.

As you will see, my blog is a hot mess of topics. I started our writing about crafts and Silhouette tutorials. Then moved on to social media and blogging.

I finally did some deep soul searching and settled on my topic: helping others.

I aim to help other people with anything that has to do with ‘self’. Self preservation, self realization, self growth, self esteem.

This blog is my attempt to feel less alone and make others feel like they met someone who understands their soul.

So make sure to comment if anything I’ve written about speaks to you.