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Since I started blogging, I’ve tried every trick in the book to grow my traffic. Groups, chains, threads, pods…. all claiming to have the answer to a successful blog and a viral social media presence. However, I’ve had a lot of negative, demeaning experiences with some of them. Finding a positive blogging community isn’t easy, but I finally found the solution.

Community Chaos

As a new blogger, I consulted every source possible for the answer to a successful blog. Pinterest, blogger friends, E-Books, social media…. oh God… social media…..

Hit Twitter really hard. There’s engagement chains that you can join and it’ll bring traffic to your site.

Instagram Loop Groups. You can get 3k followers in 3 months.

Comment on big blogger’s newest blog posts.


So I did it all. I was on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress reader.

Every day, I would schedule to take breaks from writing to engage on each network in the different pods and communities I joined.

Chaos. Absolute chaos.

The Results of The Chaos: 4+ hours a day ‘networking’… but where did it get me? I saw little increases in engagement and traffic… but I was spending all of my time networking… and I was losing sight of the purpose: my writing!

While the threads, chains, groups and tribes I had found were great…. they were just incomplete.

I felt like I was a part of 20 little groups that all demanded my allegiance. I was spending so much time hopping back and forth.

I eventually got so overwhelmed by the amount of places I had to check in, I just sorta fell off the face of the Earth and crawled back in my own little cave.

The Community I Was Looking For

All I wanted was to be a part of a complete blogging community. A real, true, connected, loving community of like-minded bloggers and entrepreneurs.

I was looking for a place that had it all. Support, motivation, resources, advice…. but I also wanted a place where I could grow all aspects of my business. My blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn… all of it.

I wanted to be able to log into one app and connect with all of my friends, everywhere.

I wanted to be a part of something different, something that was deeper than a click, view, like or comment. I was trying to find true engagement with other people who want to engage. Not selfishly self-promote or ‘get likes’.

The childish fights on Instagram, Twitter spats, Facebook group drama had left such a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to be a part of a community that wouldn’t put up with that crap.

I guess my idea of the ‘perfect blogging community’ is a tall order… but since I can’t find anything that fits the bill, I guess I gotta create it!

The Secret Tribe Is Born

The lightbulb came on when I was searching Pinterest for Pins to add to my Tailwind queue. I found a Pin about Mighty Networks. The more I dug around, the clearer the image in my mind became.

Mighty Networks allows you to create a social media network.

What better way to join a community together than to have an entire social media network just for us?!?!

The reason it’s called ‘The Secret Tribe’ is because I created the Guidelines around ‘The Secret’ or the ‘Law of Attraction‘.

Like attracts like. So positivity attracts positive people. Helpfulness attracts helpful people. Selflessness encourages more people to put aside their selfishness. Successful people attract more success.

My blogging bestie, Vee, wrote a brilliant post about blogging communities and how important it is to find your perfect place. Go read her post! She has been my ride-or-die chick while I’ve been working on The Secret Tribe. She has been a huge inspiration for me through all of this. If I found someone as supportive and caring as her, I’m sure I can find a whole network of loving people!

This blogging community is focused around 1 thing: being a good, helpful, loving, selfless person…. and receiving the same in return.

I also feel like ‘The Secret Tribe’ fits the group because we’re all sharing our ‘secrets’ to success and helping each other become more successful.

Our Complete Blogging Community

Take a peek at all of the topics that we discuss in our community.

Every one of these topics include tips, tricks, secrets, resources, and inspiration.

There’s even a designated post in each category to share your social media sites, blog posts, Pins and more. Way more.

We add new topics all the time! So if you don’t see a category you’re looking for in a community, shoot me a message. We can add it!

Before You Join The Secret Tribe

So if you like what our little blogging community is about, we’d love to have you join. However there are a few things you need to know before you hop on board!

Read Our Guidelines

The first thing you do when you join the Tribe is read the posts under ‘The Secret Tribe for Newbies‘.

This tells you exactly how things work, what our guidelines are and how to use the site to be active in the community.

You can preview the Tribe before going, so I highly suggest you read through them and make sure that you understand them first.

This is Different

The community itself is just different.

But so is the site.

So, there is a learning curve. You have to read the guidelines and snoop around for a while before posting anything.

If you’re impatient or too busy to read all of the guidelines and how-to’s, you’re gonna struggle. It’s not a complex platform at all, but it does require you to read before acting.

Compare Your Morals & Values With Ours

Throughout my time on social media, I’ve learned that morals and common sense are so uncommon that they might as well be super powers.

So, since this community is different from everything else on social media, we expect common decency, strong morals, honesty, selflessness, compassion, transparency.

It’s not an option in our community. When you read the guidelines, you’ll realize that we take it seriously.

If you want to use this community as a shortcut way to step on people’s heads to get up…. you need not join.

If you’re here to link arms and stand tall together, join us!

Think You Belong With Us?

Awesome! Click the link below! We’re always glad to have new, engaging, caring people join our community!

Join The Secret Tribe Blogging Community

To take the Tribe with you on the go, download the ‘Mighty Networks’ mobile app!

Don’t forget to read the posts under ‘The Secret Tribe For Newbies’ and ask any questions you have! We’re all family here!

Share us with your friends and add us to your feeds!

I'm an INFJ- so I'm a walking contradiction with ADD and a heart the size of Texas. I live my life by the Law of Attraction and I love helping other people find inner peace.


  • Andrea McCoy

    I am loving being a member of The Secret Tribe! There is so much potential to make friends and grow our businesses. I love having a place to ask questions and build community. Thank you so much for starting it.

    • BarbedWireandLace

      Andrea, thank you so so so much for your kind words! I am so glad you found us and that we all have a place to learn and succeed together. It will only continue to grow and become more of an asset. ♥️ thanks for joining the family!

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