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My favorite and most profitable item is custom wooden signs. I go through more Oramask 813 Stencil Film than you can even imagine! So, I have wanted the Silhouette Vinyl Roll Feeder for a LONG TIME. You may know that I’m super cheap. If I can do something without buying extra stuff, I will. Buuuuuut… I got a couple gift cards for my birthday and my Amazon wishlist was calling my name!

The Silhouette Vinyl Roll Feeder holds a roll of vinyl in front of your Silhouette to make feeding vinyl for cutting more manageable when you cut without a mat. Most people who do not have one will simply measure how long their vinyl needs to be, measure, cut and feed to the Silhouette. This eliminates that entire series of steps.

First Impressions

I should have taken a picture of it next to something for scale but I was too excited to open [email protected]

The box is bigger than I imagined because the Silhouette Roll Feeder looked pretty small on Amazon. Silhouette always packages their products to the max with cardboard bumpers and stuff, so I assumed it would be smaller. They did have a few safety bumpers to keep it safe during shipping, but it is definitely bigger than I was expecting. My blissfully un-aware self did not realize that it was for most of the Silhouette machines- not just the Cameo 3…. COOL!

***Quick Side Note***

This thing was PACKED in tight!

I have my Silhouette Cameo 3 sitting on a cheap plastic drawer next to my desk. This cheapo drawer wasn’t level on the top, so I had to put a piece of wood under it to make the surface flat. Having the Silhouette level is a big factor in how well the Roll Feeder works.

The instructions were perfect!

Unpacking & Installing the Vinyl Roll Feeder

The feet holes were set for the Cameo when it came out of the box!

As always, they tape everything up nicely and include instructions in basically every language known to man. The instructions made sense and were super easy to follow. Again, I only had any issues whatsoever with installation because of where my Silhouette Cameo 3 sits. Just position it to where the feet of your machine sit down in these little holes. They’re labeled for each Silhouette machine so it is truly fool proof.

Like a glove!

Just set your vinyl roll down in the roll holder- again, pretty fool proof- it looks like a paper towel holder. Feed the vinyl under the plastic bar (this keeps the vinyl feeding straight without wiggling). Align the vinyl with your blue line and press ‘LOAD’. You’re ready to cut in less than 5 minutes- which is probably even less time than you would spend measuring and cutting your vinyl for each cut you usually make.

Loaded and ready to cut! You have NO idea how excited I was for this!


I flat out love cutting without a mat. I have to be honest that it used to scare the CRAP out of me to cut without a mat. Now, I never use a mat unless I’m cutting a tiny piece!

Measuring and cutting was really wasting my time before every cut. I also used to load and unload my vinyl about 4 times to make sure I get it perfectly straight in the feeder (nothing worse than watching that feeder pull my vinyl in sideways and mess up the whole cut).

The Vinyl Roll Feeder aligns the vinyl to keep it from wiggling as it feeds for the cut. Wiggling vinyl forces you to babysit the entire cut. I like to multitask so sitting nearby to watch it cut a 15 minute cut was killing me! I’m definitely not saying this is a ‘set it and forget it’ cure for wiggling, but it is definitely a safeguard to keep from ruining vinyl on big cuts.

My Silhouette Cameo 3 came with a crosscutter and I had never used it. Proof that you should learn allllll of the functionalities of your machine when you get it.

Next, I reached for the crosscutting tool. My Silhouette Cameo 3 came with one that is on the backside of the machine and it has been sitting in a drawer ever since. However, I figured I would give it a shot because the Silhouette Vinyl Roll Feeder came with a crosscutter and it has a special little groove. BIG FAN!

Hard to tell because it obviously curled up after I cut it, but the crosscutter made the perfect cut! I even second checked it against the stencil grid on the back.

I am a super crafty person who can’t draw a circle or cut a straight line. It confuses people to hear that while I can make so many badass things, I fail to do the basic things people expect a crafty person to do. Now I can set my shame to the side about cutting like a second grader.

Final Thoughts

As a lover and maker of big signs, I’m sold. I regularly make cuts anywhere between 8 to 36 inches long. The Silhouette Vinyl Roll Feeder will save me lots of time and frustration… and I think lots of vinyl as well. If you are the type to make every cut on a mat and usually make smaller cuts from vinyl sheets, save your money. I think this product is a win for my adventurous folks who like making big cuts and the business peeps.

For the price and ease of set up- I am thoroughly impressed. Congrats, Silhouette….ya did it again!

If you need any help cutting without a mat, read my article here for a step-by-step breakdown that will make you a pro!

Just a reminder…..

While I do have affiliate links in my blog and on this page, I was not paid for this review. I did not get the Silhouette Vinyl Roll Feeder for free or even for a discount. This was a product I wanted to review for my readers so I bought it at full price from Amazon. I didn’t find many crafters opinions on this product other than the Amazon reviews of it. If you do decide to purchase, please use the affiliate link below. This is how I continue to run this blog and bring you new product reviews. Any and all support is appreciated.



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