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The loneliest I’ve ever felt in my life is when I started my spiritual journey. For some reason, there’s something about telling someone you’re ‘on a spiritual path’ that makes people uneasy. So, you usually end up doing a lot of reflecting… alone. Spiritual awakening loneliness is a real feeling, but let me explain why you’re not really alone.

You Mean ‘Crazy’, Right?

When I began my spiritual awakening journey, I didn’t tell a soul.

I knew that everyone would think I was some odd ball that went off the deep end.

People hear ‘spiritual’ and they picture you naked in a forrest hugging trees and rubbing mud on your forehead.

Sure, there are those people! And to each his (or her) own!

But the stigma of ‘spiritual’ people being a bunch of whackadoos really chaps my ass.

So many ‘normal’ people are spiritual, but they’re just afraid to say it because the world judges so harshly.

Spiritual awakening loneliness exists because in this day and age, it’s ‘cooler’ to say “I do drugs” than it is to say “I don’t do drugs because I cherish my body and my mind”.

But…. there are more people on a spiritual journey than you know.

They’re just in the shadows, hiding from the criticism and judgement that will get in the way of their awakening.

And I personally think that’s great.

I’ve recently started being vocal about my spirituality because it has helped me so much, but I 1000% respect the people that wish to stay in the ‘spiritual closet’.

Privacy is power. And while the world is so busy waging wars against each other, you have your own little secret army in your head that can protect you against the negativity.

Religious or Spiritual?

Spirituality is completely misunderstood and therefore gets this stigma of being ‘weird’ while religion is seen as ‘beautiful’.

spir·it·u·al·i·ty/ˌspiriCHo͞oˈalədē/ the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.


So, basically, spirituality is looking for a deeper connection with yourself, the planet and others…. but isn’t that pretty similar to what most religions are focused on?

It’s really easy for someone that’s on a spiritual journey to feel alone when other people immediately label them as crazy or weird just because they’re using the term ‘spirituality’ and not ‘religious’.

On Facebook, I always see posts like “Today, I embraced my savior, Jesus Christ. My life is in his hands and I give myself to him.”

People come out of the woodworks to say “I’m so proud of you” etc etc.

However, if a spiritual person were to post “Today, I realized that I am going to do some work on myself. I am going to start meditating and connect with my spiritual self. I am going to spend some time figuring out who I am and what my purpose is on Earth”, it would most likely be met with the sounds of crickets and maybe a pity like or two.

Spiritual people aren’t spitting in the faces of religious people by choosing to label their experience differently.

We’re all doing the same thing.

Searching for peace, purpose and eternal love.

Some religious people are actually spiritual and vice versa.

So don’t let the confusion of religion vs spirituality psych you out.

We’re all looking for that higher power together. Not seperate.

The more I am spiritually aware, the more I actually cling to my religious friends. They understand the internal battle, the need for forgiveness and the quest for grace.

Spiritual people, don’t count out your religious friends. And religious people, don’t count out your spiritual friends.

Spiritual Social Media

While social media is a place that typically alienates you and makes you feel ‘less than’, I’ve found a way for it to work in my favor.

There are so many incredible accounts that post intense, thought-provoking content. Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr….

You just have to dig for em!

But once you find those accounts that you can connect with, you’ll be shocked at how quickly your spiritual awakening loneliness starts to fade.

I’ve made friends with a lot of the accounts that I follow.

Not to mention, the response I’ve gotten from my own spiritual content.

I did an over-haul of my Instagram account about a month or so ago. I started sharing other peoples’ posts to my stories… and the response has been incredible.

I get messages daily saying “I needed this today” or “Wow, this opened my eyes”.

Plus, a lot of the people who regularly view my stories are people that I would have never guessed would be interested!

Friends from way-back-when, social media influencers and just ‘regular ole folks’….. being interested in and inspired by spirituality.

When searching for a connection, we tend to feel like we have to cast a net over the entire sea to find anyone…. but sometimes they’re the people standing on the pier with you.

It’s A Universal Connection

If you’ve read any of my stuff, you know that I’m a big follower of Aaron Doughty.

He always says that everyone in the world is connected and that there is a massive spiritual awakening happening across the planet.

Due to technology and all of the advancements that mankind has made, the world is more connected than ever before. We have access to unlimited information at our fingertips at any given moment.

So while your spiritual awakening loneliness feels raw and real, it’s also just an illusion.

You are experiencing a massive change at the same time as countless other people across the planet.

Let yourself feel that.

Meditate or whatever you do to raise your vibration…. and feel the vibration from others that feel just the same way you do.

You’ll immediately feel more whole and abundant with company than you could ever imagine.

And always remember, I’m here.

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  • SisterGayle Rusbasan

    I found your post interesting because I have experienced more of the opposite. As a Catholic religious Sister, obviously I’m religious. But I often encounter people who say they are more spiritual and not religious. Being religious seemed to be less desirable, I don’t find them to be mutually exclusive. Anyway, stay on your spiritual quest!

    • BarbedWireandLace

      Gayle, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I love hearing other peoples’ opinions.

      It may just be because I’m from the South that I experience what I do.

      Religion down here is very heavily celebrated (at least where I’m from) so if you are religious, you are so much more accepted and welcomed. Spirituality is seen as sacrilegious and somewhat dirty.

      However, I really enjoy other peoples’ religious beliefs… I think it’s truly beautiful and important to welcome into my life as I am on my own journey.

      I love your acceptance as someone who is religious. It shows your beautiful heart and soul and I am beyond happy to have met you!


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