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Lifestyle Blogger life is hard. We don’t have a set ‘niche‘, so it’s harder to drive traffic. While you can get some pretty impressive traffic to your Lifestyle Blog with the right Pinterest strategy, the real ticket to traffic is Group Boards. Today, I’ll share best ways to find Pinterest Group Boards for Lifestyle Bloggers to join!

Why Join Group Boards?

Group Boards are Pinterest boards with multiple contributors. Because you have more contributors, the Group Board will have more followers than a single-contributor Board (regular Boards).

Seeing as they have more contributors and followers, they will have a greater reach. Having a greater reach results in more people seeing, saving and clicking your Pin. Therefore resulting in more traffic to your blog, site or shop.

I mean… that’s why most businesses are on Pinterest in the first place, right?!?

Now, I definitely don’t consider myself a Pinterest ‘expert‘…. but I have put in countless hours of research about growth on Pinterest. It’s definitely an obsession… probably an unhealthy obsession.

Even with all of my research and countless strategies I’ve tried, I still credit my 1.7 million monthly Pinterest viewers to Tailwind and Group Boards. They work!

Thanks to Group Boards, when I schedule a Pin on Tailwind, I can usually Pin one Pin to about fourteen different boards. Then, factor in the fact that I make 4-6 different Pin designs for each blog post… one blog post can be Pinned between 50-80 times!!!

Ask Your Blogging Friends

I’ve found that your blogger friends are truly the best resource to find a Pinterest Group Boards for lifestyle bloggers to join. By far.

Your blogger friends are THE best way to find Pinterest Group Boards for Lifestyle Bloggers to join!!!!

Most Group Boards allow contributors to invite their friends.

So, if your blogger friends are part of some amazing group boards, they can invite you!!! Great way to boost each other up.

Plus, by sharing your group boards with your friends, you’re saving each other time. Finding and requesting to join Group Boards can be time consuming. So I definitely suggest reaching out to your friends!

My blogging community does a ‘Board for Board‘ Swap every Friday. So if you invite a friend to one of your Group Boards, they’ll invite you to one of theirs! Click below to preview and join The Secret Tribe!

Pin Groupie

Pin Groupie is an index of Pinterest Group Boards.

Group Board owners can submit their Group Board to Pin Groupie if they meet certain requirements. It’s definitely not all of the Group Boards on Pinterest but there’s still a ton!

You can search by keyword, category, # of followers, collaborators, re-Pins….

Pin Groupie has so freaking many Pinterest Group Boards for lifestyle bloggers to join, but you’ll probably feel a bit flushed at first.

Food & Health Group Board…. “ohh I blog about that….”

Travel Bloggers…. “well, I did just post about our trip to Ohio… soo…”

Not so fast!!!!

Group Board Reminder

Joining a group board takes a bit of time, so you want to be picky about what you’re joining.

Most group boards require you e-mail the Board owner or fill out a form on their blog…. some have you comment on a Pin.

You will have to really dig and search to find relevant, active, open Group Boards.

Be patient and set a goal.

  • Decide you’re going to request to join 15 Group Boards.
  • Find 5 Group Boards that are broad- like ‘all Pins welcome
  • Request to join 5 Group Boards on the topic you write about most.
  • Find 5 boards that are specifically for Lifestyle Bloggers.

Pay attention to their requirements to join!!!

Always send the e-mail from the e-mail you use on Pinterest. If they want your Pinterest link, make sure to send a clickable link. If the instructions say ‘send your e-mail in an e-mail to _______ address‘…. make sure to send the correct e-mail address that is linked to your Pinterest account.

Group Board owners will not go overboard to add you. They get tons of requests. If you don’t provide what they asked for, you probably wont hear from them and you won’t get invited to join!

Keep 2 Things In Mind When Requesting To Join Group Board

1.) Pay attention to the Group Board’s activity. You want to join active Boards that reach a lot of people….. but you don’t want to join over-active groups.

2.) Don’t get discouraged. Not every board on Pin Groupie will be accepting new contributors.

A Group Board loses it’s effectiveness if too many people contribute. If you have 2,000 people Pinning at the same time, your Pin will never get seen.

So Group Board owners will close the Board. Sometimes they say it in the Board description, sometimes they just remove their join instructions.

Many of them will say they accept new contributors but there’s no way to get in touch with the Board owner.

Some Board owners just wont reply… no matter how you find communicate with them (yes… I went a bit stalker-y on a Group Board I wanted to join… chick still hasn’t responded to my Tweet or Instagram message….)

Keep trying! The growth will be worth the leg work!!!

My Pinterest Group Boards For Lifestyle Bloggers To Join

My group boards are all open for new contributors!

The rules are simple: only Pin your own original content, use vertical graphics only, no politics or nudity.

Stick to the topic! Please don’t Pin beauty Pins to my Anxiety board. I’ll just delete it!!!

Also check out our Tailwind Tribe! Me and a few of the other Pinners re-Pin EVERY SINGLE Pin that’s shared in the Tribe!

Good luck on your Group Board adventure!

Love ya’ll!


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