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I might be the most obsessive person on the face of the Earth (or I’m just an INFJ and the rest of the 1% of us is the same way). If I get on something, I literally live and breathe it. Apple Products, farmhouse home decor, healthy juice drinks and recently felt letter boards. For this review, we’re gonna rewind back to when I was in dispatch and I found out about the weighted blanket and anxiety.

A WHAT Blanket?

We are blanket people. There are 7 blankets/throws/heated throws in our teeny tiny little living room. You never want to miss out on the opportunity to have a snuggle party, so I like to keep extras just in case.

I actually came across the concept of a weighted blanket when I was searching for a blanket to keep at work. Did you know that most 911 operators are usually FREEZING? Legit, we had blankets, gloves, hoodies, fluffy socks. The struggle is real in dispatch…. for so many reasons.

As I’m searching, my thoughtful, all-knowing Amazon suggested ‘weighted blankets’. I read ‘weighted blanket‘ and did a double take.

My confused face

What the frick?!? Why on Earth would you want a weighted blanket? Are you kidnapping someone? Trying to pin down a restless spouse?

Stumped and intrigued, my obsessive researching ensued.

Weighted Blanket: Fad or Fact?

I Googled ‘weighted blanket’ and the first thing that came up was ‘weighted blanket and anxiety’.

Okay. Okay. You have my attention.

I researched the hell out of weighted blankets and anxiety, weighted blankets and ADHD, weighted blankets and insomnia. Everything was saying ‘get one! You neeeeed it!

Weighted blanket and anxiety- why only one of those is allowed in my bed

Basically, a weighted blanket is a form of deep touch pressure therapy. It’s like getting a big bear hug (without the awkward physical contact). It literally causes your brain to release oxytocin: the OG, natural happy drug.

Doctors and therapists highly recommend a weighted blanket for conditions like anxiety, ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia.

Basically unless you’re human equivalent of a yellow lab, you need a weighted blanket. If you have no worries or medical conditions, just buy a sherpa throw and go dance with unicorns. The rest of us could really use one of these things.

Weighted Blanket and Anxiety Relief

My anxiety has been a horrible beast I’ve fought my entire life. It has been out of control until recently. Check out this post if you want to read more about how I’ve taken control of my anxiety recently by taking an all-natural supplement.

But, going back, I got this weighted blanket over a year ago. I was working in dispatch 7 days on, 2 days off. 12-hour overnight shifts. I never saw Hunter, I never saw my parents, I never saw my friends. I hated my job and I was the most anxious I had been my entire life.

This is our bed. I pulled back the comforter to show you the weighted blanket….. just looks like I dunno how to make a bed…

Honestly, I think my weighted blanket is the only thing that kept me from losing my shit and going rogue.

No matter how bad of a night I had at work, I could come home, cover myself up and relax. I actually considered buying one to keep in dispatch, but lets be honest, there’s no way to make that room less stressful.

A year later, my weighted blanket is still my best Amazon purchase ever. I call it my gray, fuzzy Xanax. If I travel, it goes with me. I honestly can’t even nap without it. I mean I can, but it’s not gonna be a good nap.

My weighted blanket is the only thing that shuts my loud brain up when I’m trying to go to bed.

I swear, I can sit down with a note pad to write down my to-do list and my brain is like ‘nope!‘. The second I lay down in bed, I remember everything I forgot to do since senior year. I can also recall every stupid thing I’ve said, person I made sad or embarrassing moment dating back to the day I was born.

If you read my blog often, you know I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m trying my damndest to control my anxiety and live the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction focuses on positivity, gratitude, hope. My ‘lay down’ thoughts are toxic and don’t fit in with my new life philosophy.

My weighted blanket and anxiety battle it out for a few minutes after I lay down. Luckily, my weighted blanket always wins and my anxiety shuts up.

Aside from general anxiety, I’m also an ADD, ADHD, OCD mess. I cannot sit down and watch TV and do nothing else. I can’t. I’ve tried. I can’t. I have to play a game, do dishes, sweep, play with a letter board. Even the best TV show ever made isn’t interesting enough to keep me 100% focused.

I keep a weighted blanket on the sofa to settle me in and make me chill. I still can’t watch a 2 hour movie without fidgeting, but my weighted blanket helps where I don’t feel the need to get up and do something.

If I wouldn’t be the laughing stock of town, I would wear a onesie made out of weighted blankets. But I’m pretty sure that would be expensive, hot and people might think I was mental. So I’ll settle on having my weighted blanket at home.

Weighted Blanket & Insomnia

I’ve never been diagnosed with insomnia, so I do apologize to any person who suffers from true, diagnosed insomnia.

I just never slept. Like ever.

I’ve always been a night owl, so going to bed at 10:30 or 11 is early for me. ::waves to all other INFJs reading this::

I could to bed 110% exhausted and I can lay there till 1 or 2. Heaven forbid something or someone would wake me up. I could spent 2+ hours trying to fall back asleep.

My Apple Watch said that my average night was about 8.5 hours in bed, 2.5-3 hours of sleep. 1-1.5 hours restful sleep. No wonder I was an anxious mess. My body never got a chance to reset, recoup, recover. I was just experiencing one massive, continual day with naps and snacks in between.

My life has changed a lot. I quit dispatch, sleep at night instead of during the day, I get to see friends and family, I eat better. Since adding the weighted blanket, a humidifier and magnesium supplements (you can read about that here)…. this girl finally gets real, deep sleep.

….and damn I’ve never felt better.

Seriously, I have more energy and I’m mentally healthier than I’ve been my entire life. Including when I was a teen and in my early twenties.

My sleep has dramatically improved in every way. I even noticed that I have less nightmares than I did before.

I’m guessing it’s because my anxiety is lower at bedtime, but that’s just a guess and I’m no scientist. It could also be like the invisibility cloak in Harry Potter and it’s protecting me from bad stuff…. again, just speculating.

Sizes and Weights

The two guidelines that everyone in the ‘weighted blanket community’ uses to find your perfect weighted blanket:

1.) The weight should be 10% of your body weight. So it’s comforting but not too heavy.

2.) The size should fit your body, not your bed. So it doesn’t droop off the side of the bed and make it heavier.

As someone who has bought multiple weighted blankets, phooey to both of those guidelines.

Also, as someone who has bought multiple weighted blankets, I say to follow both of those guidelines.

Weighted blankets ain’t cheap and those guidelines seem to fit most people’s needs. Don’t stray off and buy something you won’t be happy with.

However, after buying my third weighted blanket, I realize that I am not most people and my favorite weighted blanket doesn’t fit either of those guidelines.

I’m supposed to have a twin sized 15 pound blanket.

My favorite weighted blanket is a bit bigger than a twin and is 17 pounds.

Honestly, I would have a 30 pound blanket if I was confident that my weak little kitten arms could lift it off of me in an emergency. But I’m not, so I settle for 17.

I also like mine a little bigger than they recommend. I like mine to hang over the edge a bit. It feels a bit heavier and it protects my toes from monsters when I swing my foot off the side of the bed.

Hot Sleeper?

I think the first thing most people ask me is ‘Doesn’t it get hot?’. The answer is ‘To normal people, probably yes. To me, no.’

I’m a cold person, I love blankets and I hate the A/C. I know a lot of people keep their room like the arctic and only use a sheet. A weighted blanket may not be for you if you’re that sensitive to heat while you’re sleeping.

Even if it made me warm, I would still think it’s worth trying to change things up to make it work. Maybe turn the A/C down a bit….? Pull the comforter back at night?

My anxiety used to make me a sweaty mess, so I’m less sweaty than I was before I got my weighted blanket. There’s some sexy imagery for ya right there!

You’ll figure out what size and weight is best for you. I say stick to the guidelines for your first weighted blanket. I promise you’ll end up with more than one. Just wait…

The Cost

I researched for ever to find a weighted blanket. I still wasn’t ready to pull the trigger. The cheapest one I could find was $105 and it was basically a kid sized throw. Great! So, my left leg wont be anxious.

At the time that I was in the market for my weighted blanket, I was what I would call ‘An Extreme Amazon-er‘. I got all kinds of crazy coupon codes. I got a knock-off GoPro for free.

Yes, free.

You can read all about my crazy Amazon days here. Oh how I miss those days… and our mail lady. I wonder if she ever thinks about me…..?

So I started looking up DIY weighted blankets. Yeah, forget that mess! If I can make something rather than buy it, I will. Not weighted blankets though. Making a DIY weighted blanket is up there with doing a 1,000 piece puzzle of a skyline. You’re gonna end up frustrated as hell.

I eventually told myself to just wait for a deal. My Facebook groups always posted them but they were gone in a flash. But one magical day I was scrolling through Snagshout and I FOUND IT!!!!

I got this weighted blanket for $35. At this point, I’m honestly just bragging. I haven’t seen any deals for weighted blankets in a hot minute, so I doubt you’ll find any deals like that.

I’m guessing that because the word is out that they’re worth the price, manufacturers are less likely to give out deep discounts.

And I can genuinely say… they are more than worth the price.

Since my first blanket, I’ve ordered 3 more. One for Hunter, one for the sofa and a heavier one for myself.

Get Weighted Or Wait?

Weighted blankets will inevitably get cheaper as they get more popular. However, unless you’re on a super strict, no-frills budget…. I think it’s worth a try.

Anxiety is no joke. It can be debilitating and make you feel like you’re torturing yourself.

Most people with anxiety say ‘I’ll try anything for some relief’ and this is a great solution that doesn’t include drugs.

After I got my weighted blanket, Hunter and my mom both got hooked… and then my dad. Then I told a long-time family friend and I think 10 people in her family got one too.

I don’t think that anything is ever a solution for every one.

But this one is popular, safe and has worked wonders for me.

Here are the other 2 weighted blankets that we have:

Also, you want to get a cover. The weighted blankets wash surprisingly well, but I can’t imagine that washing them is very good for your washer or dryer.

I definitely prefer the softer, textures but they do make covers that are better for people who get hot when they sleep.

Also, I’ve heard amazing things about this blanket for people who sleep hot. I’m gonna get this one for Hunter in the summer…. yes, I plan on buying more….get off my back!

Anyways, I hope this helps someone decide if a weighted blanket is a good fit for them. I’m just glad that ‘Well-Rested MJ‘ got to write this rather than ‘Sleep-Deprived Cranky MJ‘…. she’s a bit more cussy and spells worse (if you can imagine that).

Love ya’ll!


What’s something you do as part of your nighttime routine to help you wind down or fight anxiety? Share it in the comments down below!!!

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